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Fake Fan Predictions For #MAYPAC: Floyd Gonna Beat Mayweather

As we approach the #MAYPAC fight night, the number of Fake Boxing Fans — Uncle Roger Mayweather fondly addresses them as the “You don’t know Sh*t about Boxing” crowd — is growing Faster than a prairie fire with a tail wind. These Fake fans are also making sure their thoughts and opinions on the outcome of the Fight of the Century are heard loud and clear.

fake boxing fans predict floyd beating mayweather and manny beating pacquiao on maypac fight results

One thinks Floyds is gonna Win against Mayweather, while another wonders if Manny is going to win, or Pacquiao.

At this rate, come fight night, these fake fans are gonna be predicting that Kenny is gonna KO Bayless, and Jim Lampley is gonna call out Max Kellerman for his next fight.