#MannyMannySelfies : Why Was Manny Pacquiao Taking So Many #Selfies ?

Seriously tho. Floyd Mayweather Jr may not be the most likeable person outside the Ring, but his Professionalism and Work ethics inside the Ring are impeccable, and something to look up to.
Mayweather Jr took this fight so seriously, he cancelled all the fight week barbecues and other events he usually hosts, to show appreciation for his Training Camp team members for all his fights.

Meanwhile, Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao too busy taking #selfies at the Gym, at the Weigh-in, and even during the Ringwalk into the Fight. Not only that, they hid the shoulder injury from the general public, and in essence, fans didn’t get what we asked for — the best fighting the best. And that’s not Mayweather’s fault.

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[ Meme Credit: Instagram / @50_shades_of_kray ]