Floyd Mayweather Says “Winners Win And Losers Have Excuses”

He may not be the most like-able person outside the boxing ring, but inside the ring, Floyd Mayweather Jr has dominated the sport of boxing — if you can even call it that — for nearly 2 decades like no other boxer in his era.
As he stands alone at the top, Floyd Mayweather Jr recently told Sports Center that in the 19 years that he has been fighting at the very highest level, he has never once had any excuse for anything. The context was statements made by his opponent Manny Pacquiao in what was dubbed “The fight of the century.”.

After Manny Pacquiao lost a unanimous decision to Floyd Mayweather, he said he fought with an injured shoulder and that’s the reason he could not win.

floyd mayweather jr winners win losers excuses quote

[ Photo: Instagram / @laceupboxing ]