Floyd Mayweather Gets Angry At Woman In London Barber Shop Because She Did Not Know Who He Was! [VIDEO]

Flashy, arrogant professional Boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather, the wealthiest athlete in the world was getting a haircut at a Salon in London when a Jamaican woman walked in and failed to recognize the woman beating pound for pound King. The lady tells Floyd Mayweather that she doesn’t know who he is but that she does know who Usain Bolt is.

What followed was a war of words in which Floyd Mayweather got visibly upset and angry while the woman held her ground and shot back at Floyd.

[ Video credit: IG / @boxingguru ]

Floyd Mayweather Vs Jamaican Lady – Full Fight Transcript

‘I don’t know you,’ she said in a video posted on SpiffTV. ‘What’s the big deal? I just don’t watch boxing. I know about Mike Tyson.’

Mayweather, who was surrounded by his ‘The Money Team’ posse, appears visibly stunned and retorts: ‘You know what? I need to Google you!’

But the woman refuses to back down, saying: ‘I just want to know what the biggest fight you ever fight is?

‘I like big fights, I like exciting fights,’ she says. ‘If it’s not big, I don’t watch it.’

At this point, one of Mayweather’s stooge intejects: ‘He’s the biggest in the world.’

Unrelenting, the woman takes another dig when she says: ‘I know Usain Bolt’, to which Mayweather responds: ‘Who?’.

The 37-year-old, by now struggling to convince her, tries one last time: ‘Do you know what Forbes Magazine is? Well you go and pull up one of those.

‘You know the Money Man? He makes over $100 million in 60 minutes.’

Hassan N’Dam Drops The Heavy-Handed Curtis Stevens On His Way To A Unanimous Decision Victory In A Thiller

Former middle-weight titlist Hassan N’Dam boxed beautifully in a very small ring and stayed out of the hard-hitting Curtis Stevens’ left hook on his way to a unanimous decision on Wednesday at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California.
The French-Cameroonian N’Dam wowed not to repeat the same mistakes he made vs Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin in his last appearance in the United States. In that fight, N’Dam decided to stay in the pockets and trade with Quillin to please the American Television audience, and in that process, got dropped to the Canvas 6 times!

N’Dam vs Stevens Hightlights Video

N’Dam dropped Steven’s to the Canvas in Round 8, and tried to finish him off, but couldn’t. Then later, in the same Round, Stevens shook N’Dam with a short hook, but it was not enough to drop N’Dam or make a difference in the fight.

[ Video credit: IG / @boxingego ]

Boxer Andre Ward Reacts To The Passing Away Of His Promoter Dan Goossen

Pound for Pound #2 in the world Super Middleweight Champion Andre Ward reacted to the passing away of his promoter Dan Goossen. Mr Goossen passed away earlier this week on Monday after a short battle with Liver Cancer.
The larger-than-life Goossen was 64 years old. Some of the most significant fighters in his stable included heavyweight contender Arreola and super middleweight champion Andre Ward. Ward however hasn’t fought recently because he was/still is trying to break his contract with Goossen Promotions, Dan Goosen’s promotions company.

Despite their less-than-amicable relationship, Ward offered his condolences when he leart of the passing.

andre ward reacts and offers condolences to dan goossen death passing in statement espn
[ Image credit: IG / @boxingego ]

“Dan Goossen was an absolute titan in the boxing industry and a great friend to ESPN,” said ESPN boxing programmer Brian Kweder, who worked on many shows with Goossen, including one of the network’s biggest fights in years, the May 10 heavyweight title bout between Bermane Stiverne and Chris Arreola. “He was the mastermind behind bringing the world heavyweight championship to the masses via ESPN back in May. He will be sorely missed.”