Manny Pacquiao’s Mom Drops Voodoo Spell From Ringside, Goes Viral [VIDEOS]

When Timothy Bradley entered the Boxing Ring at the MGM Grand this Saturday, little did he know that he would be fighting 2 opponents for the World Welterweight Championship – his opponent, Manny Pacquaio, and the Demons that Pacquiao’s mom was trying to “sick” on him from ringside.

In between rounds, HBO’s broadcast crew showed Manny’s mom flipping the bird at Timothy Bradley and wildly waving her cross and pointing her fingers, chanting some kind of voodoo spell over and over again. The video soon went viral, with boxing pages on Instagram making memes of the video complete with music and sound.

We bring you a curated collection of those Manny’s Mom voodoo videos. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section.

Pacquiao Mom Voodoo Version 1 – Original RAW Video

Video Credit: HBO Boxing & IG / theblackscorsese

Pacquiao Mom Voodoo Version 2 – Lil Kim’s verse All About The Benjamins.

Video Credit: HBO Boxing & IG / boxingego

Pacquiao Mom Voodoo Version 3 – In Spanish “Tu Me Hiciste Brujeria”

Video Credit: HBO Boxing & IG / pr3ttyrickboxing
This one is in spanish and the song goes something like “You cast a voodoo spell on me, Witch! Witch!!”

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