Will Pacquiao Fall Into Bradley’s “Fire” Trap?

Coming into their rematch after their controversial first fight last year, Timothy Bradley and his Trainer Joel Diaz have been harping non-stop everywhere about how Manny Pacquiao does not have the “Fire” in him anymore. Both Bradley and his Trainer have even gone as far as to say that Manny has lost his passion and his hunger to knock opponents out.

Meanwhile, Team Pacquiao, for it’s part, has come back saying that all this trash talk is nonsense, and that Pacquiao will knock Timothy Bradley out. The last time Pacquiao went looking for a knockout against Juan Marquez in their 4th encounter, the fight ended badly for him, resulting in what some people hail as the knockout of the Century.

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So I think Bradley is setting a trap for Pacquiao, by saying that he’s lost his hunger and passion and the fire in his belly, hoping that Pacquiao will get angry and go looking for the knockout once more, giving Timothy Bradley a chance to knock him out just like how Marquez did.

I think both Manny Pacquiao and his trainer and mentor Freddie Roach realize this very well, and will be relying more on having Manny work his speed and increase the volume of his punches in all the round, and not really go looking for the knockout as Bradley and his team hope he would.

What do you think? Will Bradley’s trap succeed?

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